Add custom fields to reports

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Topic: Add custom fields to reports

Hello G-TEAM...

We have a customer with more than 100 units (the units belong to different transporters); we created all units in the same resource (we will call "COMPANY ALFA" for this example), and we created several "group of units" (one for each transporter,including the units that belong to each transporter).  We did this as they wanted that way.  We have something like this:

Resource:  "COMPANY ALFA"

[Transporter 1] ==>> Includes 15 vehicles
[Transporter 2] ==>> Includes 8 vehicles
[Transporter 3] ==>> Includes 2 vehicles
[Transporter 4] ==>> Includes 35 vehicles
[Transporter 5] ==>> Includes 60 vehicles
[All Units]         ==>> This group includes ALL units from ALL transporters.  Usually this is the group they use to get their reports.

In every unit we have created a "Custom field" we called "Transporter" where we put the name of the transporter wich the unit belongs to, and this helps our customers a lot to identify wich unit/transporter is, when monitoring.

The problem we have is when they need to get the reports; They have created this main reports:

1) Group of units: Speeeding report.
2) Group of units: Eco Driving report.

Everything works fine when they get the report using any single group of "transporter", BUT the issue is when they want to use the group [All Units] they do not know wich unit/transporter they are talking about.

As they need to know to whom (transporter) the unit belongs to, we need (if possible) G-TEAM to add the option to select any "Custom field" we have created to show in the report... with this we will be able to choose "Transporter" and solve this important request.

Waiting for your comments...
Best regards,


Add custom fields to reports

Re: Add custom fields to reports

Hello jhdeguate

I think you know that there is a special table "Custom fields" for unit and unit groups. You can find the requested information there.

Sure, that it is desirable to have all the information in one table. But we cannot find a way how to set "Custom fields" in other tables.  Let's imagine a "Speeding" table, five unit in a group and every unit has from one to five custom fields to show in the report. Where should we insert this information? If we duplicate custom fields in every row it will get a report with a large quantity of unuseful information.
I tried to visualize the supposed result (screenshot is attached). It would be difficult to analyze information in such report.

Also, I saw a solution to such problem as you described in unit naming. E.g. instead of "Vehicle007" create "(Tr1) Vehicle007".

  • Add custom fields to reports
Tatsiana Shmihelskaya
Business Analyst, Gurtam

Add custom fields to reports

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Re: Add custom fields to reports

Thanks "tata" for your response, time and effort...

I was wondering if it should possible just to add for tables "speeding" and "Eco driving" a column named "Custom Field" and when we check that column it shows the option to choose "Custom Field Mask", so we can write for example "TRANSPORTER" and the report will show the transporterĀ“s name...

That is all we need... waiting for your comments if it is possible or not...
Best regards !


Add custom fields to reports

Re: Add custom fields to reports

We cannot limit the number of custom fields and prevent from the situation on the previous screenshot. So other administrative solutions would be preferable.

Tatsiana Shmihelskaya
Business Analyst, Gurtam

Add custom fields to reports

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Re: Add custom fields to reports

Dear jhdeguate,

We are pleased to announce that we have added the output of custom fields to the report tables. Now it's possible to display custom fields value in report tables using Calculator. To do this, you can use custom fields formatted as custom_field(name). The custom field in calculator formula can be specified by full name or by mask. You can read more in Documentation.

Please, check the feature. It is already available. I hope it will help you and your clients to work more effectively.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon