WiaChat - iOS version

Topic: WiaChat - iOS version

Currently Wiachat only works on Android, an iOS version is urgently needed.

Clients that try to use Wiachat are unable to get a benefit as they can't have all their drivers on 1 messaging platform since 20-40% in most cases are using an iOS device. In this case they will not use Wiachat as it defeats the purpose of the app.

I would believe this to be an intuitive requirement as the purpose is to have a unified messaging console to communicated with drivers, currently it is not the case and prevents clients from actually benefiting fully.

For clients that want to go out and purchase new smartphones or tablets for their fleet they could get all Android for example, but this is not realistic as they will, in the majority of cases, leverage existing devices in the field.



WiaChat - iOS version

Re: WiaChat - iOS version

Hi michael,

As for the moment, the focus of the company and mobile development group is not on the messenging solution. Yet, chat is a part of our WiaTag and Logistics apps, both of which are available on iOS and Android.

I would also you to contact me at p.bushuev@gurtam.com as I would be interested to know more about the project. In this case, I would have more information to recommend the most optimal solution.

Thank you!


Pavel Bushuyeu
Product Owner, Mobile