Batch Message Units using 'Nearest Units' tools

Topic: Batch Message Units using 'Nearest Units' tools

Hi Team

Currently we find the Nearest Units tool useful in searching for nearby units. However for many dispatchers or watchkeepers, the next step would be sending messages to their Units, this could be:

+In cases of an emergency and they want to notify their Units to take some action (head to safe zone, call emergency numbers)
+In cases of journey management and they need to give a new set of instructions, etc.

At present using the Nearest Units allows you to message only one Unit at a time, handling several dozens, or even hundreds, of Units, makes this approach impossible to use.

I am sure it could potentially have other uses for other industries - Logistics, Dispatch, Risk Management, etc, as having the capability to batch message Units nearby a specific point is a good feature to implement

Could we please look into this? If you have looked into it before, what are your thoughts?


Batch Message Units using 'Nearest Units' tools

Re: Batch Message Units using 'Nearest Units' tools

For the described situation such implementation could be useful, but anyway it is specific. So for a community, in general, it has low priority. So we'll keep it in mind and try to solve in an appropriate situation.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam