Wialon Applications hosted in WL

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Topic: Wialon Applications hosted in WL

Dear Support Team

There are some applications developed by GT and some of them are simple apps (not like Logistics). Would you please check possibility of hosting them inside WL server as pre-installed applications on server. We are talking about applications like Disketta, ECO Driving, Dashboard, Sensolator, etc.


Wialon Applications hosted in WL

Re: Wialon Applications hosted in WL

Hello Hamed
When you develop your own application you can host it on any server and still make it available through the Apps menu.

This can be done from CMS

Just put the url of the script in the field.

You may also ask support for assistance.

Nishad Hussain Kaippally
Implementation Specialist, Middle East, Gurtam

"Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes."

Wialon Applications hosted in WL

Re: Wialon Applications hosted in WL

kaippally, I'm taking about Wialon Applications not our developments!


Wialon Applications hosted in WL

Re: Wialon Applications hosted in WL

Some Apps are open-source, and you can download the initial code. Your system administrator should know how to configure a new site. This is the way you can use Wialon apps on your servers right now.
We will review pre-installed apps in WL while preparing the nearest full version of it.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam

Wialon Applications hosted in WL

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Re: Wialon Applications hosted in WL

tata, thanks you. Most Gurtam applications are not open-source or only their UI is open-source ;-)
BTW, we are waiting for new version of WL and we hope Gurtam change the policy of releasing WL updates to make it more often, after loooooong discussions with GT we finally reached that there is 2 possible ways to make updates more often:

A. To ask Santa Claus: We asked but he told "I can bring new release only one time per year!" (so no chance in this option for us)

B. To ask JK Rowling for discussing it with Harry Potter: We sent her some mails and received a auto responded mail telling that she is on vacation and has no plan for new story! (We failed again)


Wialon Applications hosted in WL

Re: Wialon Applications hosted in WL

Hello, Hamed.

Let me add few words here.

We develop extra apps to enhance the functionality of the system and to give you and your users extra experience. They are based (usually) on API of the main platform but sometimes include additional logics and so on.

Same is done by the partners themselves - we have lots of stories of success in this case - some of the partners develop extra to find and filter thefts, some of them - to manage tokens and so on. All of that is about the upselling - you propose something, that makes you unique on the market and that enhances the chance for the client to stay with you instead of moving to another partner or product.

Lyrical part is over. Now to the case - we consider some of the apps as a point of NDA or if you allow - intellectual property of our company. That is why some of the source codes are available at GitHub and others are not (compare for instance - TachoView with MessagesManager).

In your case - yes, you can install whatever on your server. Even our applications. As long as source codes are on GitHub.

We from our end would unlikely pre-install them on the server of the partner (e.g. include that into the installation package) as it requires lots of additional enhancements to be done - nginx configuration, logging, handling and so on).

So feel free to examine pages of the apps (like this one - http://apps.wialon.com/?lang=en#messagesmanager ). If there is a link to GitHub -> download the sourcecode, move it to the server, add an nginx config, add some logs, make sure to not to forget to rotate them, check the availability and (as Nishad mentioned above) - add them in CMS.

Regarding your second question - currently more often releases of WL are senseless as we have no solid arguments in favour of this decision. Nobody knows, what will happen in future this year - so make sure to follow our weblog and social media and you surely won't miss the news.

BR, serd


Wialon Applications hosted in WL

Re: Wialon Applications hosted in WL

serd, Thanks for your clarification.