Logistiks option (improve?)

Topic: Logistiks option (improve?)


about logistiks.

our client makes routes like this:

i have 7 stock places
I have 40 clients.

Every client have a specific stock place where the transport must go first for the goods to deliver. I mean, if I go to client 1 first I must go to stock 1.

The idea is that I would only choose clients to have the optimization BUT before must go to the stock to take the goods.

How can I make this???

I should create points like this to have the optimization:

a) Stock 1 --> client 1
b) Stock 2 --> client 2
c) Stock 3 --> client 3
d) Stock 4 --> client 4
e) Stock 5 --> client 5
f) Stock X --> client x

but now I can only do now like this (below) so when optimizing does not work:

Stock 1
client 1
stock 2
client 2
stock 3
client 3
stock 4
client 4

Is it possible to have my option¿


I do not know if I explain well...

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Logistiks option (improve?)

Re: Logistiks option (improve?)

Hello, locationGPS

You were quite clear, thank you.

Do you have in mind, how many of the clients would like to receive this feature or how big is the project (that is stopped by this feature) that you are after?

BR, serd


Logistiks option (improve?)

Re: Logistiks option (improve?)

client took another provider,
leave it

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