Heat map overlay for tracks

Topic: Heat map overlay for tracks

Good evening Wialon

Would you consider the inclusion of a 'heat map' visualization within track playback?

A heat map is a graphical, visual overlay over geolocation data that shows a scale of colour increasing from green to red as the clustering in particular area increases - in this case, indicating the plotting of GPS points.  Refer to the below image as an example.

When tracks for multiple units are loaded with different track colours, it can sometimes be overwhelming to look at a 'busy' location, and hard to make sense of any information.

I see two situations this could be used in:

1.  Where a client wishes to load a series of tracks over an extended period that will show a lot of dense tracks in a location, the colour of the overlay would increase from green to red.  This immediate visualization will inform the client that a unit has been in that location for either a considerable length of time, or has visited that location on a number of occasions - based on the intensity of the red colour.  This would also work for routing, too.

2 Where two units converge or become inter-related in a close geographic location, the colours could change from - say - pink to purple, showing immediate points on the map where the two units have been in close proximity with one another.

This feature would allow for:

Immediate reckoning of information through visualization,
More efficient  track playback, when looking for data relating to either points 1 or 2,
Identification of units meeting at certain points on a route or track that they should not be meeting in
Allow for quick visual analysis of common routing, without having to establish route geofencing.

Thoughts?  I certainly see merit in this visualization.

Happy to discuss further.


  • Heat map overlay for tracks

Heat map overlay for tracks

Re: Heat map overlay for tracks

Hello, place-n-trace
Thank you, this idea is challenging and innovative. "Heat map" can help to get general visual information about units moving. But it doesn't have any details about a track. Do I understand you right?

Maybe you know some business cases when such feature can be useful?

Now I see it as a beautiful feature, but hardly applicable in daily life. But partners can change my mind with their activity and good examples.

Tatsiana Shmihelskaya
Business Analyst, Gurtam

Heat map overlay for tracks

Re: Heat map overlay for tracks

Disculpe que publico en español, pero mi ingles es muy malo al escribirlo. sad

Les comento que en otro sistema lo usábamos de la siguiente manera:
1.- Se creaba un Heat Map con parámetros tipo notificaciones, por ejemplo: Botón de emergencia, exceso de velocidad, tiempo estacionado, etc.
2.- El sistema creaba en un apartado las capas y el usuario seleccionaba cual deseaba graficar. (Solo permitía una a la vez).

Entonces si yo deseaba conocer los lugares donde perdían mas tiempo los conductores estacionados, seleccionaba la visibilidad de la capa "Tiempo Estacionado" y fácilmente observaba con los colores donde se estacionaban mas tiempo, para luego tomar acción.

Y así con excesos de velocidad, sabíamos los tramos donde no respetaban los limites, el lugar donde teníamos mas activaciones de botón de pánico y nos servia para tomar acción sobre dichas zonas rojas.

Prácticamente era un modulo estilo notificaciones pero este graficaba "heta map" y teníamos la ayuda visual. Muy bueno a mi criterio.


Heat map overlay for tracks

Re: Heat map overlay for tracks

The latest release we installed the option to draw a Heat Map on trips, stops, parking and speedings as a report layer.
Try it for a unit or a unit group.

  • Heat map overlay for tracks
Tatsiana Shmihelskaya
Business Analyst, Gurtam