Logistics- Optimize for selected number of units and all warehouses

Topic: Logistics- Optimize for selected number of units and all warehouses

We are working with high potential customer for Logistics. Having issue where they want to optimize orders to a pre-selected number of vehicles. We devised a work around but is a bit clunky.   See attached.  A minor system change-  may be better if all the selected units from “step 2” appeared on the route plan even if the system assigns no orders.  This way, the user can manually drag orders to the unassigned vehicles. Thoughts?     

•    The system optimizes routes based upon the constraints of the various parameters entered. In such cases the system may determine the number of vehicles required to be less than the number of vehicles the user selected for assignment.  However, there may be circumstances where the user wants to redistribute the orders to additional vehicles regardless of the lower optimization, additional miles or  hours.   The order “count” parameter can be used to force the redistribution of orders to the desired number of vehicles.

•    The second request- can we allow the user to select multiple warehouses and allow the system to use warehouse parameters to prepare a route plan for the entire organization- assign orders based upon the vehicles and geofences associated to the warehouse. Would be a big time saver for the customer. 

By the way- everyone loves the recent add/edit order feature. 

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