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had a good suggestion from a client yesterday, maybe we have been doing ours the wrong way.

When we create a new customer account we as a standard places Reports, Jobs and Notifications "templates" for which we have set up basics for them, so all they need to do is "enable" as they need. This includes for an example some of the following:

- Enter geofence & Exit geofence
- Speedings
- Parkings
- Weekly trip reports
Reports, corresponding to the above and so on, I think you will understand

Customer suggested that we have a separate button option "Templates" next to "New" button with each of the Reports, Jobs and Notifications tabs, that contains master Templates for customer from which they can setup and build individual reports etc. for each user/location as desired. Currently we define these "Templates" by prefixing them with "(Master)", from which they copy and rename to define for each user, however these are all in the same place mixed with the ones they build.

As a standard we provide them with a default Company Resource, rather than several separate resources for each, as this is most desired for both us and customers to more easily manage and control.

Would be interested in what others think. I have attached a very poor "mock-up" to provide a visual idea of what I mean.


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