Filter by driver in non-visited geofences

Topic: Filter by driver in non-visited geofences

I have a customer that rely most of his work on geofences, moreover he has more than 7000 geofences.
so he made his work through Geofences Report Template to show what of his geofences are being visted. we already handled this template for (unit groups) and added multi-template in a single report, each template is filtered with a single Driver using filter by driver in template properties.

so now when I execute the report on all units (group) I can get many templates (more than 50), each template corresponds a single unit which has been filtered by its driver. so it is very useful report.

the problem is in the non-visited geofences template which does not has any filtration conditions. I strongly need the filter by driver to be added to the template of "non-visted geofences"

if the customer has 100 geofences, grouped as 10 groups (1-10,11-20,...,91-100)
then he has 10 units (unit-1 : unit-10) each unit must visit his group.

so, the report must has 10 tables each of type "non-visited geofences", each of these tables shall represent one geofence group.
until this point, it can be implemented, but when executed the following would happen:
first table result would be always all of the 10 geofences because there are indeed some units were not visit these geofences even if "unit-1" has visited 9 of them. because unit-2:unit-10 have not visit the groups as they drove out of this area.
the rest of tables would be the same as first table but with different geofence group.

what I want is to make each single table corresponds to a single driver so that the first table should check the unit with the first driver and then check this unit if it has visited these geofences or not and neglect other units that have not visited these geofences.

you may ask me to create a report template (on a single unit) so I can filter the unit by object, then uses any geofence group. but it would be a messy.
because the customer has over 200 units as far as I know. and it is not a good option of creating 200 report template? and 200 job for sending these templates by email every day?

I suggest to add the driver filtration so we can create a single report can be executed on all units each unit will be applied to its table smile

also I have tried some of the support suggestions but I couldn't get what I need
1- I have tried Wialon logistics and Orders, it uses only geofences and not geofence groups. it is very tedious task to do it for 6000 geofence, agree?
2- Routes, have the same problem (does not support geofence groups).

please consider my suggestion.

Murtadha Fadhil
Integrated Solutions