Qwekee car sharing

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Topic: Qwekee car sharing

Hello partners,

This topic is for car sharing issues. Devices to use, CAN to read, door lock/unlock, CAN adapters and so on. Post here your experience to help others.

Here short info how it works Car sharing in details www.linkedin.com/pulse/car-sharing-deta … uthor-card

If you are ready to offer car sharing in your city/country, become a integration partner and add car sharing to your product portfolio.

More info http://www.qwekee.com/en/integrators or just write to integrator@qwekee.com


Qwekee car sharing

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Instruction for Teltonika FM1120 + Teltonika LVCAN + Diagomatic CAN Adapter

Scheme is attached in file.

For proper operation of the FM1120 with Qwekee SMS gateway we used special software for FM1120 supplied by TELTONIKA in prototype version. We are trying to get permission to spread this version of the software. In the original software, FM1120 does not read correctly SMS in which the sender is a string of letters (e.g. qwekee), and not, as usual string of digits (number). Qwekee SMS gateway now use sender number in digits due to this issue. FM1120 must be connected to the constant power supply in the car (black and red wire in FM1120). Yellow wire must be connected to a place where there is power at the car when ignition is switched on.

Diagomatic CAN adapter was used to open or close the door. It was connected to FM1120 by outputs DOUT1 and DOUT2 in FM1120.
For proper operation of the FM1120 DOUT1 you need to turn off the function "GreenDriving” in it. Place where CAN adapter is connected to the CANBUS in the car
depends on the car model. The exact connection diagrams in the car we can send on request. Connect also constant power supply from the car (black and red wire). Control CAN Adapter is sending a command to FM1120 via SMS triggering DOUT1 (cable white and orange in FM1120 - closing the car) or DOUT2 (cable purple in FM1120 - opening the car). This adapter is available from Diagomatic, only for Qwekee partners. In our solution we have prepared adapter for Toyota Yaris 2016 and Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2015.

LVCAN has been connected to a read only parameters (fuel level) from the car. Connected to the CANBUS in the car in the same place as the CAN adapter.
Connect also constant power supply from the car (black and red wire). In close future our Can adapter will be more complex and will have LVCAN functions as well.

Kind regards,
Marek Zacharewicz

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Qwekee car sharing

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see attached manual how doors can be controlled using digital outputs of Ruptela devices.
Further information can be always found on Ruptela document database: https://doc.ruptela.lt/

  • Qwekee car sharing
  • Qwekee car sharing
  • Qwekee car sharing
  • Qwekee car sharing
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