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vkjain wrote:

Hi Mapa,
For Locator, I had a requirement from my customer as below.  After reading this post, I realize that the requirement can be achieved if the ideas discussed in this post are implemented.

My customer's vehicle is supposed to start from Point A and then go to his customer's location at Point B. My customer doesn't know exactly when his vehicle would reach point B, it could take 2 days or 3 days or whatever. So he wants the locator link to expire automatically whenever the vehicle reaches point B (not before or after due to hard fixed date and time).

So here the expiration date and time for the generated link should not be based on hard fixed date and time but it should be based on the completion of route.

Probably we can also make the link to expire through Jobs. Once the route is complete or destination is reached, execute a Job to expire the link.

This feature is what we really need also.


Route Exporting Link

Re: Route Exporting Link

Thank you hhamedk for your input, I will add your comment to the task description

Please let me know if there are any other comments or suggestions

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