Logistics API??

Re: Logistics API??

cid":<text>,      /* custom ID */
cid is related to X, and this means you can use it as Y to solve Z problems. Remember that cid is optional.

cid (or customID) - is any custom identifier.

If you have orders in your ERP it can be id from your ERP. The idea is pretty clear - link logistics order to order instance in external system. So if you'll use it in this way - you'll be able to match logistics order and external ERP order in future.

Our app have no specific logic with this property so, in theory, you can use it for any external id you like.

I respect your desire to know everything about every parameter of Logistics API and I really want to help you. If this way of communication is ok for you - we can continue. I think it can be much more efficient if we'll know what do you want to develop and what is Logistics API role in it. If you can share this info - please give mi to know through PM or email



Logistics API??

Re: Logistics API??

We need to get information of all the active / planing routes / fulfilled route information ,
purpose is to update customer's commerce platform's order status accordingly ,

Order -
Assigned vehicle  -

anyway to get this information ?