Wialon reports through Flespi

Topic: Wialon reports through Flespi


I'm new in this topic, I need know if is posible get wialon reports through flespli to analize in Power Bi.

I can see is posible get mesagges but only mesagges is not efficent because it would be necessary to process all messages to do things that are already made in the reports. Besides Power bi free account is a bit "restricted".



Wialon reports through Flespi

Re: Wialon reports through Flespi

Hello cerpas, You may try to use flespi reports for this. They generate output in MQTT and at the same time it is possible to redirect MQTT messages into Power BI.

In flespi we call it analytics, you may start from here: https://flespi.com/kb/analytics-flespi-reports-engine

And I recommend to check few articles, less developer-oriented in our blog: https://flespi.com/blog?tag=analytics

To visualize the result of flespi reports or telemetry or whatever can be in MQTT (in flespi everything is stored or generated to MQTT) you may use MQTT Board: https://flespi.com/tools/mqtt-board

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