Flespi device integration suggestions?

Topic: Flespi device integration suggestions?

Hi Team Flespi!

If you are amenable to device suggestions, perhaps you could expand the MEITRACK protocols within flespi.  I don't seem to be having any luck with the Meitrack protocol in the channel or any of their T355, MT90 and T622devices - whereas no problems with Atrack or Wialon Retranslator.

Could you please revisit the protocols for T355 (http://www.meitrack.com/en/cd-for-t355g/), T622 (http://www.meitrack.com/en/cd-for-t622g/) and MT90 (http://www.meitrack.com/en/cd-for-mt90/), please?  It would be amazing if you could host as many of the command set as possible, please.  (Activate I/O, track by time/distance/heading, sleep/deep, etc, as per below list - or include a terminal window within the device configurator to send custom commands?)

A10 Real-Time Location Query (GPRS)
A11 Setting a Heartbeat Packet Reporting Interval (GPRS)
A12 Tracking by Time Interval (GPRS)
A13 Setting the Cornering Report Function (GPRS)
A14 Tracking by Distance
A19 Waking the Device Up by Vibration
A21 Setting GPRS Parameters
A22 Setting the DNS Server IP Address
A23 Setting the Standby GPRS Server
A29 Setting the Man Down Alarm Function
A70 Reading All Authorized Phone Numbers
A71 Setting Authorized Phone Numbers
A72 Setting Listen-in Phone Numbers
A73 Setting the Smart Sleep Mode
AAA Automatic Event Report
AFF Deleting a GPRS Event in the Buffer
B05 Setting a Geo-Fence
B06 Deleting a Geo-Fence
B07 Setting the Speeding Alarm Function
B08 Setting the Towing Alarm Function
B31 Turning off the LED Indicator
B34 Setting a Log Interval
B35 Setting the SMS Time Zone
B36 Setting the GPRS Time Zone
B91 Setting SMS Event Characters
B92 Setting a GPRS Event Flag
B93 Reading a GPRS Event Flag
B99 Setting Event Authorization
C02 Notifying the Tracker of Sending an SMS
C03 Setting a GPRS Event Transmission Mode
E91 Reading Device's Firmware Version and SN
F01 Restarting the GSM Module
F02 Restarting the GPS Module
F08 Setting the Mileage and Run Time
F09 Deleting SMS/GPRS Cache Data
F11 Restoring Initial Settings

Happy to point a device for debugging to assist.

Many thanks!



Flespi device integration suggestions?

Re: Flespi device integration suggestions?

Thanks for your interest
As for now, only MVT340 device supported https://flespi.com/protocols/meitrack#devices. As Meitrack protocol varies for different devices.
We will add the input support for T355, MT90 and T622 during the next week. However, adding the command set implies more serious integration. So it is very important for us to understand the details of your project. Could you please tell us about how are you going to use flespi, what kind of project do you have, how many devices do you plan to connect etc. You may reply here or to info@flespi.com